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New employees at CT-technologies

Due to a steady growth of business activities that CT-technologies has experienced over the last year it is of great pleasure to welcome our new colleagues that will contribute to the further success and growth of our company. The following people has started working at CT-technologies and our sister company, PT Teknologi Insulasi Asia, in Indonesia over the last months:


– Henrik Hess (Logistic Manager and based in Head Office, Copenhagen)

– Belma Jugo (Architectural Engineer and based in Engineering Office, Sarajevo)

– Benny Hartanto (Civil Engineer and based in PT Teknologi Insulasi Asia, Jakarta)

– Anisa Hasibuan (Accountant and based in PT Teknologi Insulasi Asia, Jakarta)

– Carmelita P. Santiago (Civil Engineer and based in Representative Office, Manila)

– Sasa Zdravkovic (Industrial Refrigeration Engineer and based in Belgrade)


We hope and are confident that CT-technologies and PT Teknologi Insulasi Asia will contribute to the further development of our new colleagues.

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New employees at CT-technologies
New employees at CT-Technologies