CT TECHNOLOGIES Participate to Trade Council of Denmark in Sub-Saharan Africa Seminar in Ghana

Turning food loss into value through partnerships!

Saturday 11 March 2023, the Embassy of Denmark in Ghana arranged a seminar on Food Loss as part of its contribution to attaining UN SDG # 12.3, which seeks to increase resource efficiency and halve global per capita food waste.

The hybrid event brought together stakeholders from the private sector, agro-producers and farmers, policy makers and NGO’s in both Ghana and Denmark. The seminar was a follow-up on a feasibility study report the Embassy launched in 2022 on cold chain solutions and business opportunities in Ghana. Yesterday provided an opportunity for the Danish companies Danfoss and CT-TECHNOLOGIES to share concrete examples of how to combat food loss through partnerships and cold chain solutions.

It is currently estimated that 50% of fruits, 40% of vegetables and 20% of tuber crops are lost annually along the food value chain in Ghana. As CEO of FreezeLink described it: β€œIn Denmark, half of your salary goes to taxes. This pays for education, hospitals, infrastructure and more. And Danes are happy to pay their taxes. Now imagine, as Ghanaians, a situation where half of your salary is taken and just lost. This is what happens to our farmers daily.”

The Embassy hopes to inspire future Danish-Ghanaian commercial partnerships to combat food loss. Thanks to Food Nation Denmark, Solidaridad Network and Danida Green Business Partnerships / Danida Market Development Partnerships for your contributions! 

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