Implementation of GCCA Study Tour to Indonesia

Implementation of GCCA Study Tour to Indonesia, 8 – 9 May 2023

Undertaken with good preparation supported by cold chain industry stakeholders, the GCCA study tour which brought participants from Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam, began with a visit to one of the container ports which was facilitated with the most plug-ins (990 pieces). and best for refrigerated reefer containers (New Priok Container Terminal one). Installation work on the construction of a 4-floor refrigerated distribution centre provided by PT. Sinar Primera (APP Sinar Mas group) became the main attraction for the participants. ASRS system (automation) cold chain storage PT. Indomaguro in Muara Baru and ASRS storage 6 levels (completed) adjoining the restaurant completed the study visit on the first day. The ASRS system is of concern to participants in implementing it in their respective countries and so will Indonesia in the future. CT Technologies explained the details on the second day before moving on to the next visit.

The national leading 3 PL industry, MGM Bosco, which is currently preparing for the 4 PL industry, provides information on how the 3 PL industry will look in the future, which is equipped with an updated digitization system with attention to the speed of service and accuracy of delivery with product temperature information in real-time. The Condensing Unit assembly workshop (Bitzer brand CDU), as the heart of the cold storage refrigeration machine, the participants saw the assembly process which has already been manufactured in Indonesia (Bitzer Compressor Indonesia). The second day's visit ended with seeing the fabrication work on making refrigerated containers to be installed on transport vehicles (trucks and mini-vans) as well as portable-mobile storage that has TKDN certificates above 50% (Delima Mandiri).

Supermarkets which are facilitated with product cold storage and delivery systems are also the focus of their study tour. Ranch Market explains in detail how to maintain the appropriate product temperature so that the products they sell have a premium price. Furthermore PT. Alpine Cool Utama explains the process of making insulation panels with an automated system (continuous line) that is reliable and has been able to export its products to several Asian countries.

The Bali area is also reviewed, especially how to cultivate vegetables and fruit using hydroponic technology. The quality of the products produced, the packaging process in the packing house area and the delivery process to cold storage. Plaga Farm as a manager has been able to start exporting its products to consumer countries with good planning. This is an opportunity for the future. Meanwhile, Lotus Food Services, which is a distribution centre for imported and local food and beverages, can facilitate properly refrigerated storage and delivery. Brand Thermoking in cold product delivery, explained in detail by PT. Thermo Asri Makmur. The results of the post-evaluation of the implementation of the study tour with visits to the industries mentioned above received an average rating of 8.5 from a score level of 1 – 10 (a score of 10 is very, very satisfied).

Source: Pelaksanaan Study Tour GCCA ke Indonesia – ARPIonline