Racking Systems

CT-TECHNOLOGIES can supply any kind of storage system, including handling equipment. The choice of a storage system is often decided during the preparation of the conceptual design to ensure maximum storage capacity, easy inventory control and easy handling of stored products.

At CT-TECHNOLOGIES, we have the resources to provide all types of racking & shelving systems to maximize your storage space. Whether you need simple boltless shelving, a complex racking system, or anything in between, the warehouse specialists at CT-TECHNOLOGIES can create a solution based on your needs, and configure your warehouse racks perfectly.

ASRS Racks

Image of ASRS Rack
Image of ASRS rack Double Deep
ASRS Rack Double Deep
Image of ASRS Rack Clad
ASRS Rack Clad

High Density Racks

Image of Drive-in Rack
Drive-in Rack
Image of Shuttle Rack
Shuttle Rack
Image of Automation Radio Shuttle
Automation Radio Shuttle

High Selectivity Racks

Image of Selective Pallet Rack
Selective Pallet Rack
Image of Selective pallet rack combined
Selective Pallet Rack Combined
Image of mobile pallet rack
Mobile Pallet Rack

Shelving Racks

Image of Shelving Rack
Shelving Rack
Image of Multi-tier Shelving Rack
Multi-tier Shelving Rack
Image of Mezzanine Platform
Mezzanine Platform